Home Inspection Client Testimonials


"" I am very satisfied with the home inspector and the report.  It was readable and easy to understand, AND, had nice pictures pointing out details of the home.  What better proof than pictures! My lawyer was also impressed with how organized the report was  ""

Client, Steger, IL



Review by Diana A. in Chicago Heights, IL
Project: Inspect a Home
Comments: I would recommend their services. The quality of work was superb, they were knowledgeable inspectors and much cheaper than competition.


Comments: Very prompt and informative. Mr. Slack was very personable and did not seem to mind answering my many questions.

Loretta A. Flossmoor, IL


Thank you again, you can send the manual to **address** chicago il . I am completely satisfied with the report and all the detailed pictures. I felt the inspection was very thorough and will definitely recommend your business to anyone purchasing a home. 

~Mrs. EV J
Chicago, IL



Mr. Slack was very professional and attentitive. He explained everything as he was inspecting so that I as a new homeowner, would know what to expect and how to maintain. The report was well written with detailed explanations that made me feel confident in his service. I'm absolutely sure that if he does your inspection he will dedicate his service to his customer and do the best job that is possible. 

Chynine R.                                                                                                                       Chicago





Back in October 2011, I was in the T-Mobile store, updating my cell phone. I told the store rep that I was a home inspector because I wanted to get a cell phone that would help me with the business. She told me that she wished she had hired her own inspector, because when she purchased her present house, she made the mistake of depending on the FHA inspector. As a result, she said that the inspection report did not report issues that resulted in $20,000 in repairs that she and her husband had to deal with after the closing. She wished she had negotiating power if she knew beforehand. The FHA inspector only works for the interest of the loan company and/or the FHA loan facility.

Leon Slack, Home Inspector,                                                                                    Chicago, IL